Trio Macan Bugil di kolong Wewe  

trio macan bugilLong time does not appear, the Dangdut group Trio Macan ready to make a scene. Trio that knowed by their hits 'SMS' will take "adegan bugil" on their debute Movie 'Darah Janda Kolong Wewe'.

Iva, one of the Trio Macan does not confess that the difficulties encountered when act on her debute movie, Even when she callenged for beradegan bugil, the Dangdut singer is also said OK. What do you feel on adegan bugil?

"Ahh gitu deh, we make this a challenge. We are professional aja, in line during the fair is not a problem. In fact, for behind this with our lives every day" said Iva time detikhot be contacted via phone, on Thursday (22/04/09 ).

in 'Darah Janda Kolong Wewe,' Trio tiger akan portray characters that are not different from the life of the original. That is as Dangdut singer.

Iva also hope the film is able to attract people because bergenre Horror comedy. "I hope this film can only be a controversy, but because the boom can be a unique film," augment him.